Best Way To Make Money In Online

I often receive the question:

"What's the BEST method of making money online?" or "What's the best way to get to $X,000 per month online?"

If you're really looking to make money online and you're just getting started, it seems like a reasonable question - after all, you don't want to waste your time on something that's NOT the best method, do you? You want the best, fastest, easiest method to make the largest amount of money online possible.

If you've ever asked that question, let me give you an important piece of advice... There is no BEST way to make money online. There are SO many ways you can make money and build a business on the internet and they are all very different disciplines. If you're just getting into this stuff, you're going to be coming across a whole lot of these methods and all of them will be telling you they're the best... There's eBay, Pay Per Click Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Writing Content, Surveys, Niche Marketing, Blogging, Article Marketing, Adsense, List Building, Product Creation, JV Partnerships, Ebooks and so many more.

So how does knowing this help you? It helps you because it lets you change your question from... "What's the best way to make money online?" to "What's the best way for ME to make money online?"

Already you're on a much better track. How do you know what's the best way for YOU to make money online? You need to know about yourself. Each of the methods above require specific skills, attitudes, and strategies, some of which you will be good at and enjoy, others you'll be terrible at and hate.

Here's an example:

Blogging is a great way to make money online. But to make money with blogging, you need to do a lot of writing. You need to write content, write articles to promote your site, write guest posts on other blogs, and more. If you aren't good at writing (and you don't have money to outsource) blogging may not be the best option for you to choose in making money online.

Pay Per Click marketing is a great way to make money online. But to make money with pay per click marketing, you have to spend alot of time researching affiliate programs, and setting up ads, with minimal contact with other people. If you're a people person, you're soon going to get bored and quit sabotaging your own success with this method.

The best thing to do as someone starting out in online marketing is get a SMALL sampling of many of the different methods available for making money online in search of one that really fits with you.

Then when you find something that you feel like you're good at and you enjoy (and here's the key)


The only other mistake you can make than choosing the wrong method for you, is choosing the right method, and then changing your mind among the methods so many times that you never make any progress on any method!

But that's the subject of a whole new post.

Finally, here are some guidelines for finding what method could work best for you.
  • If you already have a great deal of knowledge in any particular field (I mean ANY field) you could be sitting on a million dollar information business.
  • If you're a great writer and love expressing your thoughts and knowledge, you could be the next super blogger and make a fortune.
  • If you love research, spotting opportunities, and "trading" (buying low selling high) you might find PPC marketing fun.
  • If you have existing experience with Ebay - you might find it easy to transition a hobby into a full Ebay business.
And of course there are many more.

By finding the method that is right for you, you increase your chance of success at making money online by 100% straight off the bat. It could take time. Some people take years to find what clicks with them online, but when you find it, it won't be long before you see the money flow.

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