Teenage Girls Problem

Teenage girls allocution added to parents about their dating habits than boys, according to a fresh study.

What's more, both sexes about adopt to allocution to their mothers.

However, the fresh abstraction begin that girls and boys are appropriately close-mouthed about issues involving sex and what they do with their dates while unsupervised. And in this case, adolescence were no added acquisitive to allocution to their mothers than they were their fathers.

Results showed that the bulk of advice parents apprehend from their teenagers about dating depend on a array of matters, including age, gender, and what aspect of dating the affair involves.

"Many parents become balked because they feel that the abridgement of advice with their boyish accouchement is affirmation of accretion ambit or abbreviating influence," explained Christopher Daddis, co-author of the abstraction and abettor assistant of attitude at Ohio State University at Marion.

"What we begin is that adolescents are accommodating to allocution to their parents about some issues, but those issues may change as they abound earlier and they feel added autonomous."

The analysis appeared in a contempo affair of the Journal of Adolescence.

The abstraction complex a analysis of 222 adolescents in the 9th or 12th brand at a axial Ohio aerial school.


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