5 films on climate change

The year's world environment day celebrations at the capital city will have a special preview and release of five films on climate change. Organised by the Association of British Scholars in association with YMCA, the British High Commission, National Geographic channel and British Council, the package of short films ‘Five Scripts, One Plot: Solutions for Climate Change Challenges', focusing on climate changes, will be screened.

The short film package is directed by Nina Subramani, Madhyama Subramaniam, Rintu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh, Bishnu Dev Halder, Jitendra Adappa, Vijay Bedi and Ajay Bedi, who were the winners of the UK Environment Film Fellowships-2010.

These films which focus on many environmental issues like effective ground water conservation and eco-friendly buildings also look into the lifestyle changes adopted by the residents of Bangalore to mitigate emission and the successful reforms introduced by the Surat Municipal Corporation .The short films will be later shown on the National Geographic channel. The short film packages produced by the British Council will be released by noted director Shayamaprasad on the 5th of this month, to inaugurate the Environment Day celebrations.


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